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Hours of Operation:

Tuesday–Friday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Break New Records

with Professional Dyno Tuning

XP Racing has been Oklahoma's premier tuning shop for over 6 years.  We have the knowledge and experience to make even the most radical setups, streetable.  We combine street tuning with power tuning on our DynoJet Chassis Dyno, to properly and safely adjust your air/ruel ratio.

Dyno tuning is a must for any modified or stock vehicle seeking maximum performance. A dyno tune changes the operating program on the vehicle's computer to allow the vehicle to perform to its full potential. We are the only performance shop in Oklahoma that is just as concerned with drivability as we are with horsepower. Our motto is that if it doesn't run right down low, it won't run right up top.

Dyno Tuning Consists Of:
  • Adjusting Idle
  • Adjusting Timing
  • Adjusting Fan Temperatures
  • Adjusting Wide Open Fuel & Air Mixture
  • Adjusting Part Throttle Fuel & Air Mixture
  • Adjusting Shift Points (If Necessary)
  • Disabling Necessary Codes

Types of Dyno Tuning:

Mass Air Flow Tuning

Mass Air Flow (MAF) tuning consists of adjusting the values of the lower VE and mass air flow tables. The MAF is a sensor located in front of the throttle body that measures the amount of air being fed into the engine. The vehicle's computer references values in both tables and adjusts the air/fuel ratio accordingly.

Speed Density Tuning
Speed Density tuning is for forced induction or radical NA cars seeking maximum horsepower. Speed density tuning adjusts the lower and upper VE tables while eliminating the MAF table completely. This eliminates any issues that the MAF might encounter under high air intakes created by a radical NA or boosted applications. XP Racing is one of the few performance shops in the nation that offers Speed Density Tuning.

Contact us today at (405) 721-2940 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to schedule your Dyno Tune and Performance Upgrades.

Dyno Tuning Rates: 

Stock Internal Vehicles (Bolt-On Applications)
Mass Air Flow Tune (Most NA Vehicles)
1 Bar Speed Density Tune (NA Vehicles seeking Maximum HP)
2 Bar Speed Density Tune (Boosted Applications up to 14.7psi)
3 Bar Speed Density Tune (Boosted Applications above 14.7lbs)
Mail Order Tune (MAF, 1 Bar, 2 Bar, and 3 Bar)



Dyno Rentals
Interested in seeing how much power your vehicle makes? Want to fine tune your own vehicle? XP Racing's Chassis Dyno can be rented by the hour and is capable of handling 1000 rear-wheel horsepower. We have the tools to accurately measure your air/fuel ratio to allow for maximum horsepower and torque.

Dyno Rental Rates:

Hook Up (includes 1 Pull)
Air/Fuel Ratio with Runs (1-Time Fee)
Additional Dyno Pull
Hourly Dyno Rental (including Air/Fuel)



Driving, Performance Upgrades in Oklahoma City, OK
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